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Day 7, 8


sunny 25 °C
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Day 7 Day 8
15-Dec 16-Dec
Ranchi (Kanke)

Village Life in Jharkhand:-And at Last, coming out of hills, I saw my friend after 10 year, standing on road, waiting for me. There was weekly market on road. His village was very beautiful or I would say exactly the same with the picture I have made in mind about the villages along the highway in this region.
A Pond, A tree - tilting on pond, a temple, lots of farms, and more interesting the people and their gossips. He introduced me most of the villagers and strange thing is that, I meet with all of them first time, Most of them asked me to stay for at least one week, I think that's why we create a word" hospitality".

Taadi ( the famous liquor):-He introduced me to the different types of local beverages and I like "Taadi" most. He also told me how to identify a Taadi-seller on road side. It’s real cheap (0.1 $ for about 200 ml) and normally 600-1000 ml is sufficient to get a "suroor"(cloud number 7). Taadi become my favorite drink since than and it was readily available on all east cost High way (NH 5) of Andhra Pradesh. The best part of it is that it does usually sell and served by women.

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Day 9 & 10

Ranchi to Rourkela, Orissa

sunny 25 °C
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Day 10
18th Dec

I decided to go Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh because name of this city is quite fascinating to me since many years and this is more than sufficient reason for me to go anywhere.
After saying Goodbye to my friend and his family in the morning at 11 pm, I have to decide route between NH 23 and NH 33. I was about to doing a coin toss than I realize that there must be some respectable reason to choose a route. I think and think and think than I got one reason that 23 is my day of birth so I should go via NH 23. (It is not funny for me to choose something between equals, specially whiling living such a gravity free life since last 3 months).

This region of India is quite rural and natural, quite opposite to the NH 17 in Kerala which is very urbanized. I like here.

Taadiwali: As soon as I left Ranchi, I was waiting for the taadi seller and very soon I found too many, all are young females and it's really good to get your taadi with them. They used to smile and laugh on my so called polished behavior from an urban society. The route is quite good with lots of beautiful scenery and road was good. Food cost is really low here, I ate vegetarian and I get stuffed only with 0.4 $ and I guess that whole day require 1 $ only. After entering Orissa state, I mostly drive on town areas. I reached Rourkela at 8 pm and got one lodge (I usually pick the first one on route and never go to check another one) and Old monk. Good Night.

Next day I stay in to the lodge only for whole day, just me and my drink came out once only for some breakfast and for a sidewalk on local market out of the city, else listening the gazals by Ghulam Ali and Mehandi Hassan.
Some part of the one I like most
apni dhun me rehta hun, main bhi tere jaisa hun (Just living in my own, I am just like you)
O pichli rut ke saathi, abke baras main tanha hun, (hey last season’s mate, this year I am alone)
aati rut mujhe royegi.... jaati rut ka jhonka hun, ( the coming season will be shameful because of me because I am a gone season’s wind)
apni lehar hai apna rog..... DARIYA HUN PAR PYASA HUN (my own wave and my own psyche, am sea but thirsty)

-a famous gazal sung by "chote Ghulam ali sahib".

Summary Ranchi (Kanke) To Roulkela
Km 250
NH 23
Hotel Rent 6$

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Day 11

Rourlkela to Cuttack

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Day 11


So I came out of my blues and started on the route. Want to divert the Dantewada (because it presents affiliation with Maovaadies (rebels in this region)) but anyhow manage to suppress my desire for adventure.
I do remember that I gave a lift to a paramilitary force person and it was suggested by him to not to give lift to stranger and do not drive in forest at night (he suddenly realized that I did the same by giving him a lift, so he corrected himself that I should give lift first by judging the person and there is a catch now, how can judge a person, standing road side, asking for lift in 1-2 second while drive @ speed of 70-80 kmph. Anyway he just deputed in this region since last 4 month and we have an insightful discussion over the law n order situation in the region, which is now most burning situation in India, more than the militancy in Kashmir.

Day Summary
NH 23, NH 23 A, NH 6, NH 42, NH 5
Room Rent 300

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Day 12

Cuttack To Berhampur, Orissa

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Day 12


I started in the same time (10 am at least), passed through Bhubaneswar and there is side cut for Puri. I have been to Bhubaneswar and Puri before. The must watch for this region was
1. Very Clean beaches (like the one of windows wall paper) seen on road from Puri to Konark sun temple.
2. The art gallery of Puri temple, where saga of Lord Krishna and Radha love has sang through painting series (I recalled Movie Raincoat’s songs lyrics, one of the most soulful).
3. Lingraj Temple ( exactly the same as described in various fiction of Jay Shankar Prasad, Yashpal and Acharya Chatur Sen, written on Maurya dynasty time frame. In my childhood, I used to get diffuse in to the scene of the fiction and when I saw the Temple, I felt that I am awaked from dream after 20 year.

Anyway I do have plan to go Vizag , So I bypass the city . Now I have to service my bike because after the first inspection in Barelli it is more than 2000 km and I haven’t check the oil level since than. To save the money I decide to catch local bullet mechanic, but couldn’t find one till I cam very far from the city on highway. So I bought engine oil and set with a local mechanic for other small bikes and did my servicing. When I open the cap of oil tank, I found that the oil level measuring rod has fall in the engine. I was shocked. I am thankful to god that it has not created any problem so far but I am afraid of further my journey. I called my mechanic in Delhi and told him about it, his first words are “tumharri to taqdeer hi lagi padi hai “(you have been screwed since a long). He assured that it won’t disturb the engine. When I pour the used oil in the pan, I saw that it has the small rod has been meshed by heavy crank shaft and become al most powder. Now I was happy that theft has gone. The bike servicing steps inclusive of of checking air filter, oil filter, oil replacement and breaks and leavers. It took 2 hours and 1.2 $ tip to the mechanic (I guess he would be happy in 0.75$, but I am very rich by heart). It was night very soon and I decide to halt on this small town of Orissa.

After searching for 2 hour I couldn’t get a single room (next day, was big entrance test across the state, so everything was filled by young aspirants.) I do not have much problem as I have bike and I could even cross the state but I was so tired and lucky enough to get the cheapest room of my whole trip at 1 .1$ ( 50 rs) only. , Will tell you about the town tomorrow, Good night and happy Old Monk.
Day Summary
Berhampur, Orissa
NH 5
Room Rent 1.1 $ per day

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Day 13

Bharampur to Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

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Day 13


I have one friend from near Berhampur but she married now so I escaped to meet her otherwise I would have an insight in to the Oria life This state still host abject poverty, more than Jharkhand. How this does not change while India change too much in last 10 year in front of my eyes. Old ladies wear only sari to cover her whole body and men do not cover upper body. Funny part is that, so called golden quadrilateral (the pride of India in terms of road transportation) is still not completed in this region and used by farmers to beat Dhaan and get rice out of it. They use whole 2 lane of this 4 lane highway and it looks more like that I am driving through farms with a solid base underneath me. (All beautiful women manage to cover all of it which you want to see)
In the afternoon, I start looking for Taadiwaali and it’s been since a long (around 50 Km) since I last saw them and very soon I got many. I choose one with no other customer. We didn’t understand each other’s language but that is what my specialty to make anybody understand. She kept pouring Taadi in my glass and I took around 1 liter than she also packed 1 liter for route. I guess she misunderstood that I am asking her to come along with me to vizag. (And she was not angry, this east Godavari region, I love here). Anyway I start again after saying lovely good bye to her and within 10 km I puke the whole 1 liter in 5 sec. (it was just like I supposed to carry that taadi for 10 km in my stomach)

I reached Vizag quite early, straight went to railway station and it was costly and I got a quick checkup of bike (he really don’t know much)

The bell boy of the hotel was really greedy.
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
300 on NH 5


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