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Day 33

Malhargarh, Madhya Pradesh To Jaipur, Rajasthan ( Its nothing like coming back to HOME)

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Day 3
Wake up early in the morning and start the bike without getting fresh. Not a single penny in my pocket. My first target was nearby ATM. It was quite cold while driving. 2nd time I saw the sunrise and I was hopeful that I will reach my home by today evening. Don’t want to stay anywhere else. After getting money at nearby town ATM the remaining problem was to get fresh on a decent place and second is to enter Rajasthan border. My so far life experience is really bad with Rajasthan police. They will stop you and will start asking you about your self and Bike-papers etc. and it will continue till they prove you as a criminal of some big crime. Than they not only want money but also lots of buttering and begging for life. Its really humiliating. Thank God to My god father on road again the trucks. When I was crossing the police have attention on them only as they are big fish. I do remember in 2007, when I was entering in Rajasthan its an open bribe system like toll at nh8 while on my tour from Bangalore to Delhi, and nothing is different on this highway as I entered in Rajasthan. Police van is standing on road side and 3-4 police constable taking money from each and every truck passing by and obliviously they ignored me. I stop nearby tea stall and just inquire that how much they take per truck. The shop owner was so furious on police and with slang and lots of bad words he says st which means “ its unpredictable , some time as low as 50 and some time even 5000 rs for single truck, depends on when their stomach fills” , this is the image of police here. I somehow connect this same as mosquitoes in animal planet “

Near by Chittor I finish my second concern of getting fresh. Good Dhaba, unlimited food (1 curry, Dal, roti, rice) with unlimited butter milk in just 35 rs. During My last trip also I got good healthy food in this region.

The rest drive was just driving to the finish. Only one near miss happen with me when a herd of goat suddenly jumped fro divider and come on road. The divider had lots of big grass and trees so I could not see other side of road and that langya pushed the goats with out warning the other side. I applied all my breaks so is the truck driver behind me. Thank god Goats stopped before my line of driving (they are intelligent than their owner) Guys please noted down this near miss and be care full while drive. I drove almost 7000 km without a single miss but some how its really difficult to drive on over Indian roads with such unforeseen conditions. It made me remember the accident of Delhi ex cm sahib singh verma’s accident on NH 8 while some cyclist come in front of his car from opposite lane suddenly.

I reached home at evening and told that I am just coming from Delhi.

Malhargarh, Madhya Pradesh
Jaipur Rajasthan
400 via NH 79 and NH 8

Let’s see when I can hit the road again, this time Punjab and above.
“Mugh ko kadam kadam pe bhatekne do wiseo
Tum apna karobar karo, mai nashe mei hu”

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Road Trip Summary

======Trip Summary===
33 Days ===
Approx. 6900 Km

Total Expenses 600 $

Break Up

Fuel 300 $

Lodge 120 $

Liquor 110 $

Food 70 $ (My Food bill is usually .5 $ to 1.5 $ all over the India in road side Restaurants (Dhabha).My most costly One time food was 2.2 $ in whole trip))

Bike Maintenance 20 $

Health Issues : 1st Pain in chest :- started in Lucknow and remained till Ranchi, I even discussed it my friend in Ranchi , he said we can go to doctor tomorrow , but I thought who has time for it let it be here in my chest and suddenly next day it gone.

Pain on right knees due to continuous riding posture for so many days .I use to straight up by leg frequently during driving, it remains for 10-12 days , than started in left knee than in both foot ankles turn by turn and also backache due to putting laptop bag on my shoulder during the whole ride I learn a trick to abide it temporarily by putting one hand behind you back . This I saw from two wheeler drivers in east Godavari region.

Stomach: it remains healthy and well functioning because I never feed him enough and it’s the key to remain healthy during the trip. Rest other pains etc; I never gave them proper attention. I guess they all came and gone because of my disrespect full nature to them, they might be saying that “ok you are strong enough now but we will be back, will be back when you would be weak, weak mentally”.
Who cares?

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