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Day 29

Mumbai to Dhule MH

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3rd Jan 2011
My trip started again, Enjoyed one wonderful view, 100 km before Dhule. (A must see)
Had a couple of beer watching it (its 6-7 hills in line, Like shown in desert of Mummy Movie, abbreviated on top by wind, I don’t know what its said.)

Dhule is small and typical Marathi region town. Since I Entered in Maharashtra, No problem for Breakfast since Vada-Pao and Poha is my favorite. The way Poha is made here is original in taste. Poha is now available in Jaipur also but it’s just like being an Indian Pizza. I got remembrance of my friend Rajendera and make a call to him. He suggested opening a shop here if I like so much here, the language, Marathi, he will teach me.
Day Summary: - From Mumbai to Dhule MH
Distance 320 KM on NH 3
Room Rent 150

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Day 25

Kudal (near Goa) to Mumbai

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Stopped by a middle aged couple in van, just want to check from where I am coming. Offered me a stay at there town but I have to reach Mumbai.

First time saw bikers (3-4) and girls on bike (probably returning from Goa to Mumbai)
Didn’t have interaction except one asked me about the route (I was first surprise that why they are not carrying map with them, than realized that there are on just from Goa to Mumbai so really don’t need that). Heavy jam 2-3 times (thanks I am on two-wheeler) Reached at Ranjeet’s home at 11.30PM. Mr. and Mrs. Ranjeet both were waking and were eagerly waiting for me. I hate when I make people wait for me and that’s why I hated the Jam on NH 4B.
Kudal (near Goa)
NH 17 and NH 4B

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Day 30

Dhule to Sendhwa, Madhya Pradesh

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It was a Boring and dull day. Four lane works was in progress so lots of diversions. Noting special. It’s quite of Veeran (Lonely Planet) for a person who traveled out of Kerala and Mumbai few days before. Shanti he shanty. (Peace)

Again best room of lodge is a bargain for me 200 rs. Big and well furnished room with TV but one thing is now common since Dhule that is frequent power cut in the region. I Petrol hand-pump: - first time I see this. It was driven by manually rotating the pump like hand mill for sugar-cane. The area is really backward in development. May be more that Orissa or there is a tie
7th jan 2011
Day Summary: - Dhule, Maharashtra, India to Sendhwa, Madhya Pradesh, India
KM 100 on NH 3

Room rent 200

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Day 31

Sendhwa, Madhya Pradesh, India to Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Day 31
In a mood of Masti , I stopped by many times, weigh my bike and myself on a truck weighing machine, I weigh to total 245 kg with my bag and luggage and my bike weigh 180 kg. Rate was 20 rs for trucks weighing so the boy doesn’t want any money from me but I insisted him to take 10 rs.

Before Neemach I made a side trip by leaving NH 3 and to get NH 17. I guess all trucks do that to get a short cut because many trucks on this interior road. The road was really bad and the interior villagers were really living in abject poverty. When road was passing through hill, on a top of hill, two truck collided and remaining was stand still as no room left to pass. 4-5 trucks was there and their drivers and co-drivers were now enjoying and passing the time like picnic, some were laying under trees, some were playing cards etc, I guess they had call for crane and until it arrive they cant really do anything but wait. The lesson of learning was that they were not panic like we city people use to get even though we know that we can’t do anything but wait.
Sendhwa, Madhya Pradesh, India
Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India
NH 3
SH 31

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Day 32

Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, to Malhargarh, Madhya Pradesh

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The hotel of Ratlam was not so good but ok. The only thing I noticed here that on the restaurant (25 rs for Dal, rice, 4 chapati and sabji) There was written that “you would be fined for 11 rs if you leave behind anything in your food plate” I like that and endorse it. We were at home cultured not to leave food in plate and its really daring to put a fine on the sake of your business.
Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India
Malhargarh, Madhya Pradesh
NH 79
SH 31

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