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Day 20

Dindigul, Tamil Nadu to Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu

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Day 20
So today I would be reaching the farthest destination, the Kanyakumari after that my return will start.

The longest lift: While driving on highway, I usually give lift to the locals; I don’t think it dangerous and if it is than it’s become adventurous. Most the people asked for next nearby village so it is usually 10-15 km but today I gave lift to a very poor man and he traveled with me 150 km. obliviously we don’t know each other language so I try to tell him where he want to go, he tell me to proceed I stopped on a Dhaba and we took some tea unfortunately Dhaba people also don’t know single word of English or Hindi. Finally when I cross one major city I become sure that this person doesn’t know where he is going , I stopped by a truck driver and told me that this person sitting behind me since last 150 km and I don’t know where to drop him. The truck driver talked to him and I doubt was right. He supposed to be dropped 5 km before in that big city juncture. Anyway while I say goodbye to her he beg for some money, he was really looking poor, when I gave him 10 rs, he was touching my feet .Too much poverty.

The Machine city: (a Must See view)

The road was smooth and after dropping him I covered in good distance a suddenly, before e25 km to Kanyakumari. I saw lot of wind mill 10 20. 50 and numbers kept increasing. This giant wind mills standing behind the coconut trees, seems like making fun of them. I felt that I am entering in to a machine city of movie “the matrix”

Kanykumari I reached at 4 pm, too ruch of tourist, room rent was only 2000 to 3000 rs

I just make 2 rounds along the cost and Good bye Kanyakumari and I enjoy my saving with blender’s pride that day.
It almost looks totally different when I start driving along this west coast of India, people, culture, girls all are different d=from TamilNadu , although it is TamilNadu. I search for next town and very soon I found one cheap lodge with Hindi speaking typical Malayalam owner.
Good Night

Day summary
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu
Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu
Km 300 via NH 7, NH 47

Hotel rent 200 rs


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Day 21

Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu to Ernakulam, Kerala

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Wake up bit early and packed my stuff, Dinesh, 15 year old bell-boy (who bought here 4 year before by Lodge owner (like a bounded labor) from Delhi) and the owner itself gave me flag-off. It feels nice to have a good bye from them.
Its beautiful here, compare to the roadside of TamilNadu which I drove. I didn’t able to go inside roads of TamilNadu as I was in bit hurry to reach Kanyakumari as money becoming dry. I am trying to use my credit card as much as possible and here in south, I am quite successful. Even I increase my fuel reserve by keeping to extra one liter bottles which felicitate me to drive long and find only card accepting petrol pumps and also its helpful to the people who got empty on highway.

The Marriage: - when you drive slowly, you can look around, you can find many things which you otherwise miss like I noticed a convoy of cars of marriage behind me and they stopped along a roadside Church. I decide to attend marriage, after all its Malyali Christian wedding, a thing I never had before. I ask permission by a old close relative and than I attend the function for around 2 hours although I couldn’t understand what the priest saying but I have beautiful Malayalam girls all dressed up for marriage. There is some mystic quality that attracts me to them. I don’t know when could I have a chance to live in any such typical village and more importantly before they contaminated by globalization.

Sex ratio: - females are too much here comparing to any part of India. Every bust stop, crossing, public place etc is full of group of sexy Malayalam women. Its really feel good to have beautiful road scenery. My speed reduces to 30-40 kmph on whole highway as I was really enjoying the beauty.

Lost but rescued by Google maps (Only once): To avoid NH and to go through the small towns and villages, I took a diversion on a state highway, I kept going and going but when I saw My Eicher road map, it was blank on that region. My policy is not to turn back and don’t ask (kind of challenge to myself, as much as possible) .I thought this road will lead to at least some town, where I can check the name and will found on my road map. After around 30 km drive I got a town with a bank branch there and so the name of town in English but my road map was still blank. I plug-in my data card and although signal was weak but Google maps show even the statue by which I was sitting in a restaurant. Salute to Google and I made my directions to go back to NH (as roads of SH here are bad here). I do not have compass with me; I usually drive with my direction sense. After driving another 10-15 km, I got my self on dead end with an elephant century. Locals were curious but I didn’t ask anybody and act to cover-up my natural face expression that I am lost. With utmost confident I open my laptop and data card, and there were no signals at all to open the Google maps even on a slower speed. I simply took a u turn and get back to highway by asking directions by people hee hee hee.

Finally I got the rain also, it was bit hot since I enter in TamilNadu but I didn’t open my heavy jacket as I don’t have space to put it. Although I have rain coat , but its not so good so its good only for 10-15 minutes in rain than watching it by standing in a shade. After all I saw all three weather in this trip.

Day Summary:
Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu to Ernakulam, Kerala
310 km via NH 47, Some SHs

Hotel Rent at Ernakulam, Kerala 325 ` (8 $)


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Day 22

Ernakulam, Kerala to Calicut, Kerala

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Since morning, I was not in mood to drive, just want to stay there but the room rent was bit high on my average so have to get out of here. Ernakulum is a much planned city that’s make me remember Navi-Mumbai. It’s big tourist destination so costly also. I get out the city and stopped on a typical Kerala food joint and taste different type of packoras. Banana packora was too heavy. A beautiful young couple, traditionally dressed up, eating there that make this restaurant elegant and unforgettable for me.

I stopped for quick check on bike, just after 25 km of city and it took only 20 rs. (Actually not in mood to drive so I was just exploiting all the excuses for not to drive) you will found lots of bull mechanic here on road side in Kerala.

Again took a wrong turn and NH left, its good na, I got on a quite road (since I enter in Kerala, the highway is urbanized, and I didn’t get the pleasure of being alone on road)
I stopped by an Ice-cream parlor on the foothills and eat whole 1.2 liter family pack of ice cream in 1.5 hours (I told you already that I don’t want to drive today)
I got sound in bike by the afternoon. It comes and goes make me worried. (I think she used to get angry whenever touched by any new mechanic). At last I figure out its only chain cover welding broke down and chain cover comes on moving chain and make that sound.
Learning: - Remove cover of spark plug while doing electric welding on bike directly. It is safety practice which I learn while my silencer hook welding repaired near Ranchi. The guy here (near Calicut) was afraid of welding on chain cover and want to remove it from bike than want to weld, I assured him and get out the cover of spark plug he took only 10 Rs.

Beautiful sceneries road side whenever road come close to sea, many time I saw a joint of sea to river that’s full of coconut trees and there are good tourist resort along the way. I reached by 10 pm on outer skirt of Calicut and get a cheap lodge here.

God night
Day Summary: Ernakulam, Kerala to Calicut, Kerala
200 kmph via NH 17

Room rent 200 rs


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Day 23

Calicut, Kerala to Kasaragod, Kerala

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After leaving Calicut, I stopped by a departmental store to buy batteries, billing girl was looking very nice, she gave me few cookies in lieu of change and I offer half of them. I think that make a good impression on her because she left her place and was on the door, seeing me when i was kicking my bike . I always want to establish a good image of bull bikers so that we can get help on such long trip because of a good image.

There was peculiar smell at many places along the sea side, must be of fishes. It makes me like puking and I know how to control, some time i stop breathing and some time accelerating the bike, but the whole day I suffered by this smell until I reached Mahi (a Portuguese colony, still come under Pondicherry, I know most of the people like will be surprised that this town is all isolated from its union Pondicherry by at last 1000 km).

In Kerala liquor shop are government controlled like Delhi but here in Mahi its like a duty free shop like on international airports and also open bar on road side. There one more small town which looked like typical fisherman colony (I forget the name).

I just drive along the coast and never went to beach but road it self took me to the sea shore, I have to stop and watch the sea for an hour about. Than again I started.
I reached at 7 pm in a big, old hotel and rent was just cheap so I stayed. And that night I finalize my route of return via Belgaum to NH 7 (First time finalize the route) and as I knew that whenever I plan it won’t happen, I got an interview call from Mumbai for opportunity for Egypt. I have to reach there by 3rd of January ( somehow I sensed that I will get the job while finishing the tour , that’s why me carrying My resume , Interview dress and Iron was justified). Anyway, it’s happy New Year to me.

Day summary: From Calicut, Kerala to Kasaragod, Kerala
KM 200 on NH 17

Rent 150

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Day 24 (Happy new year to me)

Kasaragod, Kerala to Kudal (near Goa)

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Day 24

When you have to complete 1000 km in 2 days, you just drive and drive. The tour was over and now this is a rush hour. Soon I reached the Honavar. I was here in 2008 with Girish on Bangalore to Goa trip. So now I know the road condition, I drive till I enter Goa , than had a lunch and cross Panji ( huge rush started , as new year festival ends) I didn’t try to get room here . I cross Goa and than stay in a three star (AC Room) with luxury in just 300 rs because its now off-season for them.
Day Summary: From Kasaragod, Kerala to Kudal (near Goa)
Total 500
NH 17
Sunil Lodge

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