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Day 1

New Delhi, India To Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India

sunny 25 °C
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Day 1
New Delhi, India to Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India
Lying on bed, awake for 2 hour in the morning, thinking weather should go or not, at Last I decide to attend friend’s marriage at Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. I made a promise to her and I always want to keep them and Started at 11.00 am on 9th December 2010.
Highway NH 24 road was good but Bike engine was fully open (Crank-shaft replacement) 3 days before and advised to drive 50-60 KPH maximum. So I drive slowly.
Once you are away 200 Km from Delhi, the world around you would be much better in terms of Behavior of people. I don’t know its Delhi affect or metro effect that makes people of Delhi insensitive. I stop by one Dhaba (food joint on road side which has almost all facility for truck driver and a poor tourist like me, got fresh in a so called washroom (one need to be daring to use that one and I am sure most of the readers will discard it , But I have to use it) and took my lunch. I also gave him the tomato and other vegetables which I carried from my home because some how I sense that it would be long before I return home.
I have a wish to go to the farthest end in south of India i.e. Kanyakumari, TamilNadu but haven't plan for it. By the way if I plan anything, it hardly gets executed so I prefer to do extempore. The only thing I keep ready is my Traveling bag, Ready to go in 10 minutes.
ON that Road, I do remember one place (a small town) near Moradabad, where I found around 10 shops of Gulab-Jamun ( an Indian sweet dish) and everybody claming that their shop is the original one by putting different convincing words on their shop’s signboard. It was funny to see how people start exploiting one shop’s credibility, build over the years in a business.
At 6 PM I read the Sign Board " Jari nagri barelli me aap ka swagat hai”, I didn’t know Barelli is also known as "Jari nagari". I know Barelli because of its famous Kite business and I fly kites a lot in my childhood and we always wish to have enough money to buy costlier Barelli kites and Manjha (The thread) with our limited budget and there is another famous old Hindi song " Jhoomka gira re, barelli ke bazar me"

From Delhi to Bareli
Distance (Km) 250
Route NH 24 via Moradabad
And it was pleasant weather Day_1.jpg

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Day 2 & 3

Barelli to Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

sunny 25 °C
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Day 2

I spent two days in Barelli city. It’s Just like any other north Indian city except downtown which looks quite historic and old. I would really like to come here again and live life @Barelli for 1 week. I eat Poori chole ( very delicious) on road side and quick checkup of my bike at "Friend Auto care" Near GRM Inter college, Nainital Road, Barelli ( mobile:-91-96347 86545).Good Person and cheap also, I am posting full address in case you passing by and need a Bullet mechanic.
Day 3 I was thinking where to go after attending the marriage in last two days and than I recalled to meet one of my old friend in Ranchi, Jharkhand I have made a promise to him also that I will come to meet him at his place last month and I also haven't meet him since last ten year. I want to meet him, so I got heading and I started.
I Start at 1 PM and planned to reach Lucknow. On route I was chased by 2 people on motorcycle and they stop me. They said they are police ( but no uniform), want to check My bike papers (I forget to keep Original papers with me ,have a filthy photocopy of my bike registration only, No Insurance paper, No Pollution certificate etc. but I believe in India's System. India run by his Father of nation (Not Mahatma Gandhi but a piece of paper which has his picture on it called Indian currency and in short I call it Bapu)"Bapu" (India have high Ranking in Corruption, so If you have money, you can get out of Everything, I am specially proud to be an Indian In this Regard) and I have keep in my mind a separate budget for it In my Travel
They want some money actually. I asked them to take to their post. The Police Inspector was a young fellow and he asked me few Questions and let me go simply. This was a favor to me. I am thankful to the Man.
I reached at 7 PM and searching for a cheap stay was a pain.
Day Summary
Day 3
From Bareli
To Lukhnow
Distancen(Km) 250
Route NH 24 Via Shahjahanpur, Sitapur, SH 25
Hotel Rent 350/- Indian Rupees ( very bad lodge, but its big city and I can afford only Cheap)


Day 2 Day 3
10-Dec 11-Dec
From Bareli Bareli
To Bareli Lukhnow
Distancen(Km) 0 250
NH 24 Via Shahjahanpur, Sitapur
SH 25
Hotel Rent 350/- Indian Rupees ( very bad lodge, but its big city and I can afford only Cheap)

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Day 4

Lucknow To Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

sunny 25 °C
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Day 4


I start around 10 AM and again weather was pleasant. The must see on road was The Weekly Village Market on road side around 100 km far from Lucknow. It was Sunday and you can really see the life of rural Uttar Pradesh exactly as described in the famous Hindi writer “Munshi Premchand”. I was surprised to see that because he wrote around a century ago and in this age of communication, there is still most of the scenes and situation are come out from his books (Villages, Market, ponds, River and People). Life changes here really slow. It has some how fascinating for me since I read him to live in any such village and see the life and people, A Must see if you want to see life of North India. I will come back here to live once or at least cover a story.It was really a feeling not an experience.
From Lucknow To Varanasi

Distance(Km) 300 Route NH 56 Road

Room Rent $ 7 (300 INR)

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Day 5

Varanasi to Bodh Gaya

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Started at 10 am, I skipped to see Varanasi temples and The Ganga (I believe the God is with me most of the time so why waste time and lets hit the road).

I hit NH 2 again after 4 year. First time I traveled from Kharagpur to Jaipur and in that 1800 Km journey I drive 1500 Km approx. on NH 2 only. It was not safe for commuters in those days Due to frequent robberies while crossing Sherghati (Near Dobhi) because of the great the great leadership's Law n Order Situation in Bihar that time. Even Government had put sign boards like "Do Not stop even if you heard the sound of a Tire burst" (that’s was trick used by robbers for stopping the vehicle). Thing are changed now and it’s now my 6th tour more than 1000 Km on Indian Roads so I gave myself a challenge by stopping in that very forest and drink a beer and I did it .Its really feel good to come out of your own fear without any help.

ATM closes by evening: - When I ask in Dobhi about ATM, people were surprised. Because it’s only me there who think that ATMs use to open 24 hours, for them it closes when bank branch closed down. That's why I have to deviate my route to Ranchi and go to Bodh Gaya for ATM and I stay in my costliest lodge (10 $ per night) because it’s famous tourist place and attracts lots of foreign tourist who study Buddhism.
Day Summary From Varanasi To BodhGaya

Distance (Km) 250 Route NH 2(220 KM) & NH 83 (30 KM)

Hotel Rent 450

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Day 6

Bodh Gaya to Ranchi (Kanke)

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I start from Bodh Gaya at 10 AM. There must be some special religious occasion here because I see a good gathering of Monks in their maroon color dress and lots of foreigners also on roads and around the temples but I didn't stop for that . I am just a biker rather than a traveler. But I like simple living of village people and peace here.

I reached at Barhi, left NH 2 and start on NH 33 towards Hazaribagh. There some road work going on for widening the Highway up to 4 lanes otherwise its good with some dense forests and beautiful rivers. I stopped 2 times till I reached Ranchi (Kanke). One Dhaba is run by 2 very beautiful sisters along with their old father. It was surprising especially for a guy from Rajasthan. I saw a dream of wife and sister-in-law ( Saali) there.
Special Breakfast Item is Litty-chokha (it’s a Litti- which is ball shape stuff, baked and made of wheat and other food grains, delicious with boiled and meshed potatoes with local spices called “Chokha”). Every body passing by this region should try it. It’s popular in western UP, Bihar and Jharkhand. Cost .05 $ per Litty and usually 2 is enough as breakfast.

I took a short road to reach Kanke via Pithauriya from Ramgarh and the whole road so bad due to work going on it and diversion on every 100 m (i don't know what strategy Highway authority formulate to make a road so that it inherently posses rider's night-mare or may be they literally want to stop the traffic by putting so much hurdle on It. God Bless them.
Must See: - I remember the ghat road between Pithuriya to Kanke and Kanke Dam. It was really beautiful and calm like a virgin, untouched by any kind of urbanization or tourism.

Day Summary 14-Dec
Bodh Gaya to Ranchi (Kanke)
250KM via NH 2 / NH 83 / NH 33

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